Sales Influence Moment #85 – Why You Need to Quantify the Value of the Sales Saving

by Victor Antonio

Whether you’re selling technology products or off the shelf consumer products, emphasizing the savings value for a client helps you sell them more in the long run.  In this video you’ll find an example of what could happen if you don’t quantify the value of what you’re saving the client.


Sales Influence Moment #77 – The Relative Value of Value in Selling

by Victor Antonio

The Relative Value of Value in Selling.  In this sales tip I talk about how value, or the perception of value can change in a short period of time.  Understanding how value is created and how it changes is critical in understand the buyer’s buying mode.

Sales Influence Moment #44: Selling Value with the B2B Sales Equation

by Victor Antonio

The word ‘value’ is often used but rarely defined; in empirical terms that is.  In this video I define a simple value equation to help salespeople understand the two main variables.

Sales Training Moment #42: Leveraging The Power of One When Selling

by Victor Antonio

In this short video I try to highlight how using a simple, tangible tactic called the ‘Power of One’ in selling might make buyers more apt to believe what you’re proposing.

The reason this strategy works is

a) buyers can make the calculation

b) the ROI is immediately obvious and

3) it’s believable.

Check it out for yourself!

Sales Influence Moment #40 – What is Product Value and What Matters to the Client