Why So Serious? Adding a Sense of Humor to Your Presentation

to make a speech, keynote or presentation exciting and enjoyable, add some humor to keep the engagement up!


Sales Influence Moment #58 – Missed Information and Repetition in a Sales Presentation

by Victor Antonio

Selling the Room – Workshop Introduction

ROI Questions:

Question 1: How is it that two companies can give similar presentations, but one has a higher close rate than the other?

Question 2: How is it that you lose business to your closest competitor even though they presented comparable products at a higher price?

Question 3: How much money have you lost because you didn’t present a certain product or service in the right light?

Question 4: How much money have you lost because you made a statement that caused the client to have doubts?

Question 5: How many opportunities have been lost because you went into the presentation and decided to “wing it” because you wanted to sound ‘natural’?

Last Question: By now you’ve spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on branding, collaterals, website, hiring personnel, product development, marketing, prospecting and running a business, isn’t it time to invest in developing an effective Sales Presentation?

For more information on this workshop, go to http://www.VictorAntonio.com/str

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