Why So Serious? Adding a Sense of Humor to Your Presentation

to make a speech, keynote or presentation exciting and enjoyable, add some humor to keep the engagement up!


Testimonial – Keynote Speaker at University of Phoenix in Nashville

(Event Date: May 19, 2012)

Mr. Victor Antonio just spoke at my graduation “celebration” for the University of Phoenix in Nashville. I always want to thank someone for a job well done. He was so awesome!

All of us graduates were laughing so hard, and come to find out- my family was all super impressed as well. They all commented on HOW great and funny the speaker was! I just wanted to relay this information – I am sure you hear it a lot.

Also, I want to extend my thanks for making my big day even that much BETTER! Thanks again & God bless.

Stephanie Bates

Nationwide Insurance – Keynote Speaker Victor Antonio, San Antonio, Texas

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

The folks at Nationwide Insurance asked me to come in a deliver 2 sessions on Sales Influence.  Here are some images from the event.

Event Pictures – Victor Antonio LIVE

Just Sharing: Here’s an updated collection of pictures from the many places I’ve had the opportunity to train and speak at.

As I look at these pictures I’m reminded how many people we ALL touch in our lives and how we should document (i.e., pictures or videos) those moments since our memory has a tendency to ‘fail us’ every so often.

Consumers Choice Award Presentation Pictures (Dallas, Texas)

I was invited to speak at the Consumers Choice Awards for Business Excellence in Dallas, Texas. Here are come pictures from the event. A special thank you to Dr Jeff Chernoff and Ann Ross 🙂 For more information on CCA go to http://www.ConsumersChoiceAward.