Watch this short introduction describing http://www.SalesInfluence.TV.  My goal is to post video clips on the latest sales research to HELP YOU SELL MORE!


Goal: The focus of this website is to document, NOT how to sell, but instead WHY people buy! By understanding the ‘why’ we can be more effective in how we sell.

Resources: Many of the videos and articles on this site are based on actual studies done in the field of consumer and social-economic behavior.

Approach: I review past studies along with the latest research being done and ask myself, “How can these findings be incorporated into today’s sales process to make selling more effective?

Today’s consumer has evolved, so must our sales approach!  I welcome any comments or suggestions.


7 Responses

  1. Great site no rubbish to cut through just good content
    David McIntosh

  2. Looking forward to much insight. Times have changed so we must also.

  3. Victor Antonio is one of the most charismatic, personable, well spoken, well educated, and inspiring individuals I have ever met! If you have the opportunity to see, hear and listen to him, you will never regret it. It will be a real unforgettable educational and entertaining experience.

  4. As stated earlier… now that is bringin’ good sales knowledge!!! 🙂

    Hope all is well.


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