Testimonial – Keynote Speaker at University of Phoenix in Nashville

(Event Date: May 19, 2012)

Mr. Victor Antonio just spoke at my graduation “celebration” for the University of Phoenix in Nashville. I always want to thank someone for a job well done. He was so awesome!

All of us graduates were laughing so hard, and come to find out- my family was all super impressed as well. They all commented on HOW great and funny the speaker was! I just wanted to relay this information – I am sure you hear it a lot.

Also, I want to extend my thanks for making my big day even that much BETTER! Thanks again & God bless.

Stephanie Bates


Testimonial: National Sales Network


On behalf of NSN Atlanta, I would like to thank you for speaking at our first Sales Impact Awards Ceremony last night.

Your presentation was exceptional and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  It was just the right mix of  inspiration, information and LMAO humor!

Thank you so much for allowing us the pleasure of your services.  We are so looking  forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

Best Regards,

Cheryl Coleman, Vice President of Events

National Sales Network – Atlanta Chapter

Testimonial: Customized Sales Training Program

Back in May I helped a Canadian company develop a customized sales training program for their company.  Today, I get a wonderful pair of Canadian mitts and the following letter enclosed:

“Dear Victor,  A much belated but no less heart felt THANK YOU!!  I’ve been training with this most excellent tool for a month now and love it!!  I am much obliged to you for all your work with us and look forward to future collaborations!”

Heather Kitely, Sales and Training Development

victor antonio canadian mitts from GFD

One of the joys of being a sales trainer is the people you meet.  It’s even nicer when they take the time to say thank you in their own special way.

Victor Antonio

Endorsement: ICCFA Wide World of Sales Conference

Just wanted to share; what makes this endorsement special is that there were about 8 top Sales Trainers presenting at this 3 Day event.

“Victor spoke at our Wide World of Sales Conference in 2010.  His presentation was the best-rated at that event, and our members continue to talk about it to this day. He was engaging and entertaining, but even more important, he offered real-world, “how to” sales advice that attendees could put to use right away. He was professional and prepared, eager to tailor his message to our audience, and an overall great guy to work with. I highly recommend Victor as a speaker and a trainer.”

Linda Budzinski, Director of Communications and Membership Services

Testimonial – Atlanta Air Cargo Association

Testimonial from a luncheon keynote I did yesterday:


A great day for the Atlanta Aircargo Assn, you knocked it out of the park today, I have received 4 calls this PM asking ‘When can we get this guy back???’ MANY MANY THANKS AGAIN!

Best Regards, Harold Hagans
President, Atlanta Air Cargo Association

Victor’s Email In-Box

Thank You! It is so ‘very cool’ to receive feedback from you folks out there. It is humbling and inspiring at the same time. Victor

First of all let me express my admiration and respect for your professional approach to creative selling in the XXI century. I wonder if you have a workshop in Southern California in the near future. I would be happy to attend it.

Jose Mendez

I am very happy to find your web info. I am also a admirer of Zig Ziglar until you showed up. Well, before I invest into too much money and time, I would really like to get a copy of “99 thing you wish you knew ……” but I could not get it either on ebook or “a real book” and I don’t use iphone or Kindle. Can you help? Thanks. By the way, you are great!!!!!

Lian Havro

I admire you very much, I saw your documentary* it was really interesting, I was actually looking for something to inspire me to take the step into the career, do you have any material like a step by step or any direction?

I am from Honduras and work in sales.

Thank you, Swan Archer

* CLICK HERE if you haven’t see the documentary film, “THE MOTIVATOR: BUSINESS OF SELLING HOPE”. No email necessary and it’s FREE 🙂

Testimonial – TAHRA (Toledo, Ohio)

victor antonio sales trainer atlanta georgia

Victor Antonio, Sales Influence

Thank you so much for speaking at our symposium. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my cohorts at work. They thought you were amazing! You are an inspiration and I am glad I got to be your liaison!

Angela M. Nowak, PHR
Toledo Area Human Resource Association