Structuring Your Sales Message in Your Presentation – Solution Based Selling

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

I found this video presented by W. Steven Brown and he presents a very interesting concept when it comes to structuring a ” sales message” and I thought it was worth sharing with you.  Here’s the structure that you’ll see at the 6:00 minute mark in the video:

(Make a Promise) because (State a Fact) the advantage to you is (Give a Buyer’s Benefit) the real value to you is (Give a Personal Value).

This structure forces you to create “mini sales messages” that you can use throughout your one-on-one or group presentation.  Let me know your thoughts on this.


Sales Training Video #65 – The Best Presentations are Full of *hit, here’s why!

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

In this Sales Training Video learn how to present and talk a lot of C.H.I.T. Load up your presentation with a lot of CHIT to drive your message home.  Having a lot of CHIT in your presentation will guarantee that the message you deliver will be well received.  Here’s how:

Sales Influence Moment #59 – The Attention Span Curve: How Clients Listen When You’re Selling

by Victor Antonio

The video is key in understanding how to present.  Knowing when and how to insert ” pattern interrupts ” is key in maintaining your audience’s attention.

Sales Influence Moment #58 – Missed Information and Repetition in a Sales Presentation

by Victor Antonio

Response Block Selling – Blocking Objections Part 2

Sales Training Course on “Response Block Selling: A New Approach for Lowering Buyer Resistance and Selling More”.

This program will literally change how you present your product or service to a potential buyer. Response Blocking is a method for preempting a buyer’s objection before he voices the objection.

The premise of Response Block Selling is the following: If a buyer states an objection aloud, the buyer is more likely to stick to that objection (rule of consistency) and will look for validating information (selective perception) to support or defend that particular viewpoint.

So the key here is to prevent the buyer from voicing an objection thereby shunting the need to then support that objection. Learn how to ‘structure a response block’ that will lowers a buyer’s resistance making the sale that much easier.

In my book you will find over 20 examples of common objections salespeople face when selling. Using the Response Blocking System you will learn how to minimize and discard each objection thereby reducing the buyer’s resistance. Forget ‘blocking or overcoming’ objections; learn how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

You can download my book, “RESPONSE BLOCK SELLING” along with the AUDIO book for FREE at

Sales Training Tip #57 – Presentation and Executive Presence with Purpose

by Victor Antonio

In this sales training tip you’ll learn how to structure a 15 minute presentation and how many key points to make. An executive presence with purpose will be the end result if you follow this delivery format.


Sales Influence Moment #47 – Confirmation a Buyer’s Priorities before Presenting

by Victor Antonio

It’s always good form in selling to confirm a buyer’s priorities (i.e., needs versus wants) before you launch into your dog-and-pony presentation.

  • When we don’t confirm priorities before presenting, we run the risk of ‘over presenting’ (i.e., talking about things the customer does not care about) or
  • We run the risk of ‘under presenting’ (i.e., not spending enough time discussing what the client wants to know more about).

To avoid either extreme, here’s a simple technique that can be used in both a B2B or B2C selling scenario.