Guest Video: Customers Want the Best Value Not the Best Price

by Victor Antonio

I was introduced to this video, featuring Paul Hunt, via my “Pricing and Strategy” Group on LinkedIn and thought it was worth sharing for three (3) reasons:

1. The speaker’s message is VALID in today’s market

2. The delivery method he uses to ILLUSTRATE his point is unique

3. Listen to how he ties it down at the end with a strong CONCLUSION, “It’s all about differentiation that is meaningful to the customer.”

The genius of this video clip lies in its simplicity to convey a complex concept (i.e., relative value and differentiation) using a simple visual!  Well done!


Sales Training Moment #80 – Overcoming Objection, ” We’re happy with our current supplier.”

by Victor Antonio

In this video I discuss how to overcome the objection, we’re happy with our current supplier.  By simply reframing the conversation with one simple question, “In business, isn’t it always good to have options?” you’ll be able to overcome the objection and reduce buyer resistance.

Sales Training Moment #79 – Anchor Pricing Reduce the “I’ll Think About it” Objection

by Victor Antonio

In this video I discuss why you’ll always get the “I’ll think about it.” objection in selling if you don’t present pricing proposals the right way. I show you how introducing and anchoring price early in the sales process will reduce the objections you’ll get so you’ll have less objections to overcome when you’re trying to close a sale in the selling process.

Sales Training Moment #78 – Overcoming the Objection ” I’ll Think About It.”

by Victor Antonio

In this video I talk about overcoming the objection when a client says, “I’ll think about it.”  Check it out…

Think Outside the Box – Test Yourself

by Victor Antonio

Test yourself!

There are 26 Brain Benders…let’s see how many you get!


(c) “BRAIN TEASERS – 195 Puzzles to Keep Your Sharp by Sterling Innovations (Publishing).

Sales Influence Moment #77 – The Relative Value of Value in Selling

by Victor Antonio

The Relative Value of Value in Selling.  In this sales tip I talk about how value, or the perception of value can change in a short period of time.  Understanding how value is created and how it changes is critical in understand the buyer’s buying mode.