Sales Influence Moment #69 – Sales Management Model: 2 Ways to Manage Your Salesforce (Team)

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buyologist

There are 2 ways to manage your salesforce or sales team. The first is OUTCOME based. With this management style the responsibility is pushed onto the salesperson who is allowed to sell any way they want as long as they deliver the sales number.

The other management style is BEHAVIOR based selling. In this instance, top management (or headquarters) is driving the behavior of the salespeople by making them follow some type of format, sales process or template that has proven to be successful. In this instance, since management is calling the shots in terms of how a salesperson should sell, management assumes the risk and responsibility of making their sales number since they are guiding the salesperson’s actions.

Which sales management style to use depends on the type of product you are selling and your client base.



Sales Training Video #68 – Simplest Sales Model: The Contrast Principle

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

There are a lot of sales training systems in the market today and I’m often asked for my opinion on which one to use. I always answer with a “it depends on what you’re selling and who you’re selling too.” Each sales training program is different and matching one to your company’s needs can be a challenge.

That said, in this video I’ve I’ll introduce the simple sales model so that you’ll always be able to stay focused and on track on what you need to do to sell your products or services.

Sales Influence Moment #67 – 3 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy From You

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

To sell your product or service you have to jump over three hurdles in order to close the sales. The first hurdle is getting the client to become aware of a NEED they have but have failed to notice.

The second is to create a sense of URGENCY (i.e., reasons why they need to act immediately) by showing them how they can Increase their revenue, reduce their cost or grow their market share.

The last hurdle is getting them to TRUST you or your company in being able to deliver on those promises of change.

In my sales training course I teach that we need to jump over those three hurdles in order to be able to close the sale no matter what your selling.

Method Selling – What Ron Howard Taught Me About Selling (AUDIO Only)

By Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

I recorded this AUDIO message circa 2007 and recently came across it.  After listening to it again with fresh ears, I thought it was worth sharing with you.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sales Influence Moment #66 – Start With Why and Sell More

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

Simon Sinek wrote a great book called Start With Why. The premise of the book is that we often know WHAT we do and HOW we do it, but few of us (and companies) stop to really analyze WHY we do what we do. In this Sales Influence training moment I attempt to tie Sinek’s WHY with WHY we sell.

Having a positive mental attitude can be more easily sustained if you understand the WHY in what you’re doing. In selling, clients and customers need to feel your WHY, your purpose and how it impacts their ability to generate revenue, reduce cost or gain marketshare.