National Sales Network (NSN) – Black Enterprise Magazine’s April Edition

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

I’ve been invited to speak at the National Sales Network (NSN); an African-American organization dedicated to creating better salespeople and entrepreneurs.  Here’s a sneak peek of the ad that will appear in the upcoming April edition of Black Enterprise magazine.

National Sales Network (NSN) Ad in April's Black Enterprise magazine


Contrast Principle in Selling and I’ll Think About It!

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

When you think about selling, most people have a complicated sales process in their heads about how to go about making a sale.  This past weekend I challenged myself with the notion of coming up with the simplest definition of selling and a basic model that anyone who is in selling could grasp with little or no effort.

In my Occam Razor-esque search I was able to formulate a basic conceptual model that encapsulates the gambit of selling.  The concept is very simple, but deceivingly so.  Selling is about Before and After.  A client wants to know what his life will be like after he buys your product or service.  His motivation to buy will be based on his ‘before’ context or reference point.  That’s it!  Sales in one simple concept; before and after.

Rich Poor Before and After Sales Training - Contrast Principle

For example, if you are selling a new piece of technology that has many whiz-bang features, the client will first take note of his current situation (before) and evaluate whether buying from your will improve his position (after).

We’ve all seen those weight loss adds that show the before and after results.  We all seen the hair loss commercial where the guy is bald, but afterwards they have a full head of hair.  This is essentially the contrast principle in action.  If you can show the client what the ‘after’ will be like and show a dramatic difference, the more likely you are to convince the buyer to buy from you.

All a customer wants to know is what will be the difference after he buys from you.  Here is where the salesperson’s ability to draw attention to those differences (differentiators) will make or break the sale. On the other hand, if the “after” image the salesperson presents is full of uncertainty and ambiguity, the client will stick with their ‘before’ status and not buy.

When a client says, “I’ll think about it.”, what they’re really saying is “You haven’t convinced me that my buying from you will change for the better.”

Sales X Factor – Qualify, Question, Value X and Present

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

In the next week or so I’ll be publishing some videos titled, Sales X Factor for salespeople who have to sell value over price in their business.   My goal is to give you the salesperson an easy to remember model for selling, as opposed to the complicated systems of selling you find in the market.

Reality Check: Many of us have been to sales training workshops or courses in the past where at the end of the event you get to take home a 3 ring binder that’s 2 inches thick and you’re expected to review and implement your new found knowledge.  The reality is that once you leave the workshop, you more than likely never to review the material again.

Sales X Factor

The Sales X Factor is a simple model I’m proposing that won’t require you to memorize a complicated sequence of steps in your sales process, but yet, provide you with a consistent structure you can use to sell more effectively.

Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) – Sharm El Sheikh, Eygpt – Dubai

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

On March, 2012, MELA will bring together 40 of the region’s most dynamic mid-career leaders from 13 countries in the Middle East for an 11-day Academy, the first phase of an innovative, life-changing experience.

MELA Academy participants know deep down they are leaders but have a profound and continuing desire to explore their talents to become even more powerful and effective, both personally and professionally.

Back in October 2011 I was invited (see picture above) to be part of a team of instructors from the United States to speak (on sales) to the group and share our expertise.  The event was held in the beautiful seaside country of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

I am glad to announce that I have been invited back to speak and this time the MELA event will be held in Dubai.

Real World Example of How to Influence Price Perception by Using Words Instead of $ or Numbers

by Victor Antonio, Sales Buy•ologist

Not to long ago I posted a Sales Influence Moment video #60 explaining how client’s perception of pricing can be influenced depending now how you write the price on the menu.

I’m here in San Antonio, Texas where the restaurant in the lobby has used the very strategy I discussed in Sales Influence Moment #60.  If you haven’t watch the video, do that first and then check out this picture so you can understand how they are trying to “influence” their patron’s perception.

Note that the prices are written out (e.g., forty two dollars, thirty six dollars) instead of using numerical values or $ signs.

menu pricing influences perception


Personal Thank You to my new friends at Toyota

At the end of my keynote, the folks at Toyota were kind enough to present me with my own mechanic’s shirt.  I sent them this picture as a thank you.

Toyota Sales & Leadership Keynote to Owners & Dealers held in Oakland, California

Great audience and Wow!  I got an opportunity to look behind the Toyota curtain at their people, products and their passion for their cars and I was duly impressed!  What a great company and culture!

Toyota Keynote Speech by Victor Antonio