Sales Training Tip #57 – Presentation and Executive Presence with Purpose

by Victor Antonio

In this sales training tip you’ll learn how to structure a 15 minute presentation and how many key points to make. An executive presence with purpose will be the end result if you follow this delivery format.



Sales Influence Moment #56 : Fun Video on How to Guide a Buyer Behavior (Part 2 of 2)

by Victor Antonio

Part 2 of How Asking Probing Questions can Guide a Clent’s Answer. Recall in Sales Influence Moment #54 how I guided Rick’s answer. Some call it manipulation, others call it careful planning in persuasion. Here I explain how I did it!

Sales Influence Moment #54 : How to Guide a Client (Buyer) Using Probing Questions (Part 1 of 2)

by Victor Antonio

Remember that I’ve said that average salespeople practice what to say, the best of the best salespeople practice what to ask. ┬áIn this sales training video I’m going to show you how asking probing questions and guiding a client’s behavior can get the client to arrive at a conclusion you’ve already had in mind.

Some call it manipulation, others call it careful planning in persuasion. See how I get my friend Rick to cough up the answer I want.

Sales Influence Moment #55: Selling by Understanding Buying Modes

by Victor Antonio

Sales Training Influence Moment #55 describes two types of buyers: Gradually frustrated and Triggered. Some buyers are frustrated and eventually get to a point where they have to buy. Others are ‘triggered’ by some event. In this sales training video, I highlight the differences and what sales strategies you can use to sell more effectively; whether it’s a B2B sale or a B2C sale.