Sales Influence Moment #43 – Selling on Value, Not Price using a Value Centric Sales Model

by Victor Antonio

In today’s hypercompetitive market, selling on price and price alone can erode a company’s margins and subsequently its ability to thrive and/or survive.

Unfortunately, selling on price has always been the de facto sales mode for salespeople who simply don’t understand ‘the real value’ of their product or service offering.  A habit that has to change!

This new sales model I’m proposing will help salespeople conceptualize a new approach to selling on value, not price.


One Response

  1. omg the penny has just dropped into what i need to do to generate more sales in a very very competitive market. thank you so much. i am going to put this into plave as of tomorrow. hopfully i will get results from this as it is more about what the customer needs rather then what i have. Awesome

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