Sales Influence Moment #47 – Confirmation a Buyer’s Priorities before Presenting

by Victor Antonio

It’s always good form in selling to confirm a buyer’s priorities (i.e., needs versus wants) before you launch into your dog-and-pony presentation.

  • When we don’t confirm priorities before presenting, we run the risk of ‘over presenting’ (i.e., talking about things the customer does not care about) or
  • We run the risk of ‘under presenting’ (i.e., not spending enough time discussing what the client wants to know more about).

To avoid either extreme, here’s a simple technique that can be used in both a B2B or B2C selling scenario.


Sales Training Video #46 – Client’s Risk Tolerance Level When Buying or Selling

by Victor Antonio

Clients have different levels of risk tolerance depending on what you’re selling.  Watch the video and ask yourself, “What are my client’s thinking when I’m selling them on 1 of these 3 scenarios?”

Fun Video – Keynote Speech on Dealing with Rejection

by Victor Antonio

Delivering a message is easy.  Delivering an effective message so it becomes memorable, is another story.  This video is a perfect example of how to use STORYTELLING to deliver a message many people have heard before in a fresh, innovative way.

Video – Cold Calling Prospect Workshop

Here’s a workshop I did on Cold Calling.  Click Here to view it.   It contains great information, data and insight on how the best salespeople manage their time.  Enjoy!

Cold Calling - Prospecting Workshop

Sales Influence Video Tip #45 – Selling Price, Profit or Positioning in B2B Sales

by Victor Antonio

Here’s a video reminder about how the conversations you’re having are determined by who you’re speaking to within an organization.

  • If you’re talking price, then you’re most likely speaking to someone whose job it is to focus on reducing price.
  • If you’re talking value, then you’re probably talking to the right person who understands how you can help them grow their revenue and market share.

Conversations matter!   Watch the video and ask yourself, “What kind of conversations am I having with my client?”


Sales Influence Moment #44: Selling Value with the B2B Sales Equation

by Victor Antonio

The word ‘value’ is often used but rarely defined; in empirical terms that is.  In this video I define a simple value equation to help salespeople understand the two main variables.

Sales Influence Moment #43 – Selling on Value, Not Price using a Value Centric Sales Model

by Victor Antonio

In today’s hypercompetitive market, selling on price and price alone can erode a company’s margins and subsequently its ability to thrive and/or survive.

Unfortunately, selling on price has always been the de facto sales mode for salespeople who simply don’t understand ‘the real value’ of their product or service offering.  A habit that has to change!

This new sales model I’m proposing will help salespeople conceptualize a new approach to selling on value, not price.