Making the Number by Greg Alexander, Aaron Bartles and Mike Drapeau

Victor Antonio’s Book Review

Making The Number by Greg AlexanderThis is one of the toughest books I’ve had to review.  Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly:

Good: The book does a great job in trying to ‘legitimize’ the sales process as a science (e.g., defining sales taxonomy, metrics, indexes, etc…) and not an art. This alone makes the book a must read; especially for those individuals/companies who believe in process-driven sales organizations.

Bad: After pontificating much about what great companies should do to be World Class, it never really gets around to discussing actual case studies. The few case studies provided at the end are just ‘overviews’ which to me was a big let down. I wanted more analytical/systemic/logistical examples of what other companies did to make the change.

Ugly: Too often I was reminded that Sale Benchmarking Index was the ONLY company to have the largest sales repository of accumulated data and by de facto, the answer to your sales problems. It came across as a sales brochure for the company.

That said, I recommend you buy the book. Yes, I’m a bit hard on the book, but the ROI is there! This is not your ‘normal’ sales book. I would argue it’s more of a compendium of best practices and ideas culled together to give the reader a sense of what it’s going to take to move from a Level 1 ad hoc sales process to a Level 5 predictable process.

Get the book…it’s worth the read!


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