Sales Training Moment #42: Leveraging The Power of One When Selling

by Victor Antonio

In this short video I try to highlight how using a simple, tangible tactic called the ‘Power of One’ in selling might make buyers more apt to believe what you’re proposing.

The reason this strategy works is

a) buyers can make the calculation

b) the ROI is immediately obvious and

3) it’s believable.

Check it out for yourself!


Sales Influence Moment #41: Asking Key Questions to Create Awareness

By Victor Antonio

They say the best salespeople ask the best questions during a client interview.  In this video I demonstrate how a ‘pre-defined’ set of questions can help you guide your client through a thought process if you’ve planned it out correctly.

Being able to guide (or control) a conversation is useful in ‘creating awareness‘ of a problem or situation (i.e., losing money) that the client is otherwise unaware of.

Making the Number by Greg Alexander, Aaron Bartles and Mike Drapeau

Victor Antonio’s Book Review

Making The Number by Greg AlexanderThis is one of the toughest books I’ve had to review.  Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly:

Good: The book does a great job in trying to ‘legitimize’ the sales process as a science (e.g., defining sales taxonomy, metrics, indexes, etc…) and not an art. This alone makes the book a must read; especially for those individuals/companies who believe in process-driven sales organizations.

Bad: After pontificating much about what great companies should do to be World Class, it never really gets around to discussing actual case studies. The few case studies provided at the end are just ‘overviews’ which to me was a big let down. I wanted more analytical/systemic/logistical examples of what other companies did to make the change.

Ugly: Too often I was reminded that Sale Benchmarking Index was the ONLY company to have the largest sales repository of accumulated data and by de facto, the answer to your sales problems. It came across as a sales brochure for the company.

That said, I recommend you buy the book. Yes, I’m a bit hard on the book, but the ROI is there! This is not your ‘normal’ sales book. I would argue it’s more of a compendium of best practices and ideas culled together to give the reader a sense of what it’s going to take to move from a Level 1 ad hoc sales process to a Level 5 predictable process.

Get the book…it’s worth the read!

Competing on Value by Mack Hanan and Peter Karp

Victor Antonio’s Book Review 
competing on value by mack hanan and peter karp

This past weekend I finished up reading the book, Competing on Value by Mack Hanan and Peter Karp.  I was again taken aback by the writing and insight found in this book published over 20 years ago (1991).

This book is a great follow-up to Mack Hanan’s Consultative Selling and I highly recommend it for any salesperson in the B2B space.

The book covers five chapters on value:

  1. The value strategy
  2. Know your value
  3. Price your value
  4. Sell your value
  5. Control your value
Competing on Value re-emphasizes that the approach to selling should be value-creation and not price justification.  Although it was written in 1991, this book could’ve been easily written last month.  The principle of selling on value and demonstrating ROI is more important today than ever.
This book is by far one of the most underestimated books on B2B selling that I’ve come across!

Sales Influence Video BLOOPERS

Sometimes when I’m recording a simple 2 minute video…I just can’t seem to get it. It’s harder than it looks.

Here’s how it FINALLY turned out:

How Reward Substitution Can Help You Stay on Task

I’m a Dr. Dan Ariely fan and this video is another reason why I admire his work.  He is a behavioral economist and author of ‘Predictably Irrational’ and his new book, “The Upside of Irrationality” is now available on paperback.

In this video Ariely explains why we make ‘irrational’ decisions when it comes to deciding between what really matters and what is immediate.  He then gives a personal example of how using ‘reward substitution’ will help you focus on the former, not the latter.

Now that you’ve watched the video, you may be asking, “How does this apply to sales or selling in general?”  Too often clients also seek to avoid making the tough choice of doing what’s necessary (taking their medicine) to rejuvenate their business (sales).  For example, a company with lagging sales may know that the problem they have stems from their inability to track and maintain client relationships.  The client knows that the only way to do this effectively is by installing a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) system.

The problem?

That would require a 6 month commitment from the client and would tie up some limited resources.  So the customer decides not to do it and decides to continue doing things the way they’ve always done so and MAYBE next year he’ll consider installing a new system.  In the meantime, they’ll continue to lose business and/or clients to the competition slowly and over time.

Installing the CRM system is the “injection” treatment the client needs to implement if his business (i.e., the Kidney) is going survive and thrive.

Challenge: What type of ‘reward substitution’ tactic would you offer the client to convince them to not only install the CRM system, but also support it for the next six months so it has a chance to succeed?   (Note: replace the CRM with whatever products or service you’re selling)

The Opportunity Cost of Sitting in the Back Seat

Read this great blog post on how our mind makes decisions on whether or not to make a purchase based on our perceived constraints.

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