Leadership Moment – Losing Touch With Your Clients via Technology

Influence is about impacting others. This commercial from UA highlights how our dependency on technology can rob us of our influence.


2 Responses

  1. I tend to disagree. Companies that do not embrace the technologies available today will perish sooner or later.

    There’s an e-book I’d like to share with you called, Master the Moment. Maybe you’ve read it.

    Let me see where I have it and I’ll send it to you.


    Juan Manuel Colome, CEO

    Infoseek Technologies, Inc.
    “Helping YOU Make Powerful Choices”



  2. Juan,

    The commercial is NOT advocating that we become Luddites (i.e., reject technology), but that using it as substitute for human/personal interaction can cost you business.

    The Internet and it spawn Social media are proof that technology does serve a role in keeping us ‘wired or tethered” virtually. And yes, also help grow our businesses.

    But an over-reliance (that’s the key phrase) on technology to manage relationship can be detrimental and that’s the commercial’s central message.

    I’ve not read the book; I look forward to getting/reading it…Thanks Juan!


    p.s., Isn’t it funny to think that back then “faxes” were the hip technology? 🙂

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