The Art of Rejection (Humorous)

I did an event for college students in Tampa, Florida and I had some fun handling rejection 🙂


Sales Training Video #34 – Value Added Selling by Victor Antonio, Atlanta, Georgia

Sales Influence Moment #33 – Too Many Features Can Backfire

Sometimes inundating a client with too many features can backfire!

Sales Influence Moment #31 – 4 Levels of Sales Competency

Sales Influence Moment #32 – People buy Security Over Price

The old adage applies, people don’t buy products (or services), they buy needs. And most people ‘need’ to reduce their risk and feel safe with the decision they’ve made.

Leadership Moment – Losing Touch With Your Clients via Technology

Influence is about impacting others. This commercial from UA highlights how our dependency on technology can rob us of our influence.

Sales Influence Moment #30 – Good News or Bad News First