Book Preview: Sell the Pain, Not the Gain

The idea that people are motivated more by loss than gain is critical in understanding how clients make buying decisions. Here are three simple rules to remember:

Rule 1: Loss equals pain, gain equals pleasure

Rule 2: But, the pain of loss is greater than the pleasure of gain

Rule 3: Therefore, loss aversion trumps possible gain

We as individuals or clients will do move faster away from loss than we will move toward gain. We are ‘more motivated’ to avoid loss than to take advantage of gain. Read that again and commit it to memory!

If we believe (and I do) that loss (i.e., pain) is a greater motivator than gain, then why is it that as salespeople we are trained, programmed, conditioned to sell the features and benefits of the product or service we offer?

Selling the features and the benefits is the equivalent of selling the gain, not the loss. So we need to learn how to sell to Pain, and not the gain.

This is the subject of my upcoming book, “Sell the Pain, Not the Gain”. Will keep you posted when it’s ready!

Victor Antonio, Sales Influence
“It’s not how you sell, it’s how they buy”


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