Best Motivational Speech Ever

Just wanted to share this video which is now available on YouTube. It was recorded in February 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina and was the first of many commencement speeches I delivered by for the university of phoenix.

Note: audio quality is not the best due to the acoustics in the auditorium; but it’s the content that counts 🙂

First Story is about an optimistic farmer and a pessimistic farmer.
Second Story talks about dream killers and stupid people people.
Third Story is about developing your own delete button to stop people from bringing you down.

I end with my signature pledge called the “Success Pledge” which is all about doing your Thang (not Thing).


Sales Influence Moment #27 – Sell More by Making Clients Constructively Discontent

Sales training video on how to sell more by Making Clients Constructively Discontent. If buyers are complacent and won’t buy, it’s your goal to make them discontent and motivate them to buy. How? Watch the video?

Sales Influence Moment #26 – Let the Buyer Guide the Sales Pitch

Sometimes we’re so anxious to tell the client what ‘WE’ think is important, that we miss align ourselves with what the client KNOWS is important. So instead of the salesperson telling the client what’s important, in this sales training video you’ll learn how to let the client tell YOU “how they want to be sold”.

Having a client prioritize what’s important is equivalent to them giving you a blueprint on how to sell them! 🙂

If Your Price is Too High…Frustrate Them!

Here are two sales equations to keep in mind next time you’re selling to someone and they say, “Your price is too high!”

Low Frustration = High Price Sensitivity
High Frustration = Low Price Sensitivity

If a person isn’t frustrated with their current situation, then the need to change (i.e., motivation) is small. And since the frustration is small, any price you present will be viewed as too much since there isn’t a real need for what you’re selling.

On the other hand, if the person is frustrated with their current situation, then they’ll be motivated to find a solution to remedy the situation. This means that price becomes less of an issue. And, If the frustration is great enough, price may not even be a consideration. A hyper-frustrated client may want the solution no matter the cost.

General conclusion: Find highly frustrated people to sell to


Problem: What if they’re not frustrated, what then? Uhhhh, frustrate them! How? Good question! In my upcoming book, I’ll explain just how you do it!

I know…it’s sooooo wrong to leave you hanging like this 🙂

Victor Antonio, Sales Influence

Sales Influence Moment #25 – Why Qualifying Early Saves You Time & Money

In this video I begin by outlining the SIX phases of a basic sales process: Prospecting, Qualifying, Investigative, Presenting, Proposal and Closing.

Next I define a sales cycle, which is determined by how long it takes you to complete the 6 step sales process with a given client.

Lastly, in this video, you’ll learn why it’s necessary to qualify clients early in the sales process.

Highlights from Sales Influence Keynote in Chicago

I was invited to speak at the National Hispanic Sales Network (NHSN) in Chicago. Here are some highlights from that talk.

Everybody’s a Pitch Artist – Sales Philosophy

This past weekend I was watching a film noir classic, “Appointment with Danger” (1951) starring Alan Ladd. There’s a ride to the airport scene where Ladd gives us his assessment of the human motive or what I like to think is a true ‘sales philosophy’. Here’s his classic line:

“A better job, a little more dough, a round of applause. One way or another, everybody you meet is a pitch artist.”