A Bad Attempt at Selling – Example

It’s no wonder people get frustrated when they sell…they DON’T know what they’re doing. The other day I get this call (below).

Victor: Good afternoon, this is Victor!

Caller: Hi Victor, my name I Jane Doe and I’m calling from your Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. We are putting together an business event and we are looking for small business owners, like yourself, to be sponsors. The sponsorship will include a banner at the event with your company logo and a quarter page ad in the event program. Is this something you’d be interested in? (64 words)

Victor: No.

Caller: Ok, thank you.

What’s wrong with this call? Here are 20 off the top-of-my-head:

-Didn’t ask me if I was busy at the time. (inconsiderate)
-Asked me a vague question while in the ‘cold state’. (wasn’t ready for the conversation)
-What type of business event is it?
-Why should I care?
-All I hear is how much it’s going to COST me (i.e, become a sponsor); no mention of how I can gain.
-Doesn’t build value by telling me how many people are going to be there.
-Didn’t ask me who my target market was.
-How do I know my target market will be at the event if I participate.
-I don’t want to say yes without having ANY idea how much this is going to cost.
-When is the event?
-What time and on what day of the week? (This matters)
-Is this the first time you’ve put on the event?
-Why is the event being put on?
-How many sponsors are there?
-Who’s going to design the ad? Me? If they do it does that cost extra?
-How many people will actually be at the event?
-How many magazine subscribers do you have to justify the cost of the ad?
-Why (or How) did you decide to call me?
-What does Jane Doe do?
-Why would I listen to Jane Doe if I were interested? (credibility – qualifications)

I could go on but you get the idea. People stink at selling because they’re too lazy to learn how to do it right. Her question was horrible. In a nutshell here’s what she asked, “Hey, I got your name, we need money (sponsors) for an event. I don’t really care if it’ll help you, are you interested?

The key to a great sales script/conversation is knowing what to say and how to say it without causing the client to ‘shut down’ on you. How would I have said it? Well, you’d have to come to one of my workshops to find out 🙂

(I know, that’s soooooo wrong 😉

Victor Antonio, Sales Influence


Press Release: Experience That Talks Seminar in Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been invited to speak with some of the brightest minds in business today and I couldn’t be more excited and proud. If you’re in Phoenix, Arizona you HAVE to attend. If you know someone who lives in Arizona, please forward this link.

Thank you and I hope to see you there!

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