Sales Influence Moment #23: The Ultimate Qualifying Sales Question

Don’t let buyers waste your time. Use this simple question to gauge if the buyer is serious or not.


4 Responses

  1. V-
    Can you or have you done a piece on Red, Yellow and Green questions?
    This one is a great green question. I think it would be some tremendous information!


  2. So what WOULD you say to that person IF they ARE just “kicking the tires” per se? What would be your rebuttal or response?

    • Margarita, you have one of two choices:

      1) Ask a few more questions and if there is still not a genuine interest for buying now or in the near future, I would not spend that much time with this buyer. If it’s a potential for down the road, you may want to followup in a few weeks.

      2) Ask some “pain motivation” question to get the person to begin thinking about what it’s costing him/her not have your product. Sometimes people don’t think they NEED our product (or service) until you show them otherwise. This is where the Art of Selling comes into play.

      Margarita, you pose a tough question because the desired sales approach will be determined by the context or situation.

      The question in the video is simply meant to be a ‘gauge’ so that you can better allocated your time/resources and not waste too much time on non-buyers.


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