Executive Expectations of Salespeople – Video Excerpt from the book, Selling to the C-Suite

I wanted to highlight some interesting data that was in the book, Selling to the C-Suite, so I decided to create this video snippet to give you what I consider great ‘cxo insight’.


p.s., I’m experimenting using these types of PowerPoint videos to help explain things better. What do you think of the video below? Your feedback would be appreciated!!


3 Responses

  1. I think the PP video was very helpful in solidifying your points and visualizing the data, I think the whiteboard videos are great as well, but I don’t think you could have done this data justice using that tool – I think this was the best way to convey the message!
    BTW – why don’t you have a through purchase to Amazon?

    • I think you’re right Hank. When it’s “data or graph intensive” I’ll resort to using this tool.

      I just have to work on my delivery and get use to speaking to a slide; it’ll go up from here 🙂

      Thanks Hank.

      p.s., I’m with you…I like the SI board moments better. They’re more personal.

      • Hank, on the purchase through Amazon question…

        Many folks are misled into thinking having a ‘Amazon Purchase’ (or any other website) buy button on your site is good. I think not…and here’s why.

        It makes no sense to drive traffic to your webpage and then GIVE them a reason to leave (and not come back).

        One of the worst marketing strategies ever.

        Now, if you make money off ‘affiliate programs’ (i.e., small percentage of each buy and you have 1,000s of people a day on your site) that’s another story.

        Make sense?

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