Neil Rackham on Creating a Sales Training Program (1981)

I came across this ‘old school’ (1981) video by Neil Rackham on what it takes to develop a great training program. Rackham is the author of one of my favorite sales books, SPIN Selling (a great read on how to handle the ‘investigative’ part of the sale process).

This video is specifically for TRAINERS who are thinking about developing a training program. The video/content moves slow, but the payoff is in the second half.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Victor,

    Good undercover work!! I made it to 20 minutes and have to run but will come back to get the benefit of the pay off wrap up.


    • Rackham is a cross between a salesperson and a behavioral scientist and this video really highlights how much thought he’s given to looking at training from the “learner’s perspective”.

      I garnered a few gems from this video in terms of how I will view sales training (with Sales Influence) going forward.


  2. Thanks a lot, some very useful points made in this video.

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