Victor’s Email In-Box

Thank You! It is so ‘very cool’ to receive feedback from you folks out there. It is humbling and inspiring at the same time. Victor

First of all let me express my admiration and respect for your professional approach to creative selling in the XXI century. I wonder if you have a workshop in Southern California in the near future. I would be happy to attend it.

Jose Mendez

I am very happy to find your web info. I am also a admirer of Zig Ziglar until you showed up. Well, before I invest into too much money and time, I would really like to get a copy of “99 thing you wish you knew ……” but I could not get it either on ebook or “a real book” and I don’t use iphone or Kindle. Can you help? Thanks. By the way, you are great!!!!!

Lian Havro

I admire you very much, I saw your documentary* it was really interesting, I was actually looking for something to inspire me to take the step into the career, do you have any material like a step by step or any direction?

I am from Honduras and work in sales.

Thank you, Swan Archer

* CLICK HERE if you haven’t see the documentary film, “THE MOTIVATOR: BUSINESS OF SELLING HOPE”. No email necessary and it’s FREE 🙂


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