Sales Influence Moment #12 – Should You Mention Your Competition When Doing a Sales Presentation


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  1. Awesome! You continue to raise the bar and provide excellent content.

  2. Thanks Victor. I’m brand new to your site and am really enjoying what I’m seeing. I’m not even in sales (yet). Just seeing if it’s the direction I will go. You are getting me to think I can actually be successful in sales.

    Are you coming to CT anytime soon? I’d love to see you in person.

    • Gregory, thank you for the feedback. My goal is to make this site useful for folks like yourself who are thinking about going into sales OR are in sales and need a little ‘edge’ to close more deals.

      No plans to be in CT. I see you registered to get a free copy of my book, Response Block Selling. My best work yet! Registering also put you on my mailing list so you’ll be updated if I’m ever in your area.

      Thanks again…Victor

  3. GREAT video Victor!
    I totally agree – you only mention the competition if there is benefit (compare contrast, how are we different, why won’t you have the problems you had with XYZ etc.)

    Thanks for providing continual great content!


  4. VIctor,

    I respectfully beg to differ. I am a top salesman now for 27 years and I always bring up my competition during a sales presentation. Before I plead my case, here are a few assumptions that I must state first.
    The product I am selling is a good quality product and my prospect will benefit by purchasing and using it. What that means is that I am operating ethically and providing value.

    That said, it is naive for anyone to believe that the client has not done their homework and is unaware that there is competition for my goods or service. In today’s day and age that client just doesn’t exist. I want the opportunity to help form / influence my clients opinion about my competition, rather than find out later that I lost out to someone else and wishing I had done more. I ask my client who else they are considering and sometimes even suggest that they compare me against my closest competitor. I always show them why they are netter off with me than anyone else.

    I advocate selling from a place of confidence VS hoping that they never find out about my competition.


    • Rod,

      I think we’re on the same page. Let me restate the points in the video:

      1) If your client KNOWS about your competition, then MENTION them and address them head on.

      2) If you KNOW your client is ‘unaware’ of others…it’s risky to mention your competition (i.e., raising more doubts and questions).

      That said, you’re right! Given today’s technology (i.e., the Internet) it would be naive to think the company hasn’t heard of your competition. But take caution that you could be opening a can of worms that need not be opened.

      Thanks for the feedback and point of view…greatly appreciated!

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