(Influence) Book Review: Neuromarketing by Patrick Renvoisé & Christophe Morin

victor antonio sales trainer atlanta georgia

Victor Antonio, Sales Influence

Any book aimed at understanding how buyers buy will grab my attention and this one certainly did.  The book makes two claims:
1) “…this book introduces you to a completely new language to build and deliver messages that influence the true decision-maker… (page 4)
2) “This book is the only book to combine the latest brain research with cutting edge sales, marketing and communication techniques.” (page 9)
That said, let me review quickly what I really enjoyed about this book:
a) Easy to read and easy to follow format; very well written.  I’m a fan of the casual, non-fluff style.
b) Good explanation of how the ‘Old Brain’ (i.e., the dopamine driven reptilian brain) is still the same even as technology changes.
c) The Four Step Process for tapping into the ‘Old Brain”. 
d) The examples of how marketing ads use the the Four Step process are brilliant and really support the point the authors are trying to make.
e) I like the Six Message Building Block selling framework because it gives the reader (salesperson) a different view of the typical sales process.  The first building blocks is the “Grabber” (self explanatory).  The authors give some good examples of how to kick off a presentation or pitch.
The only criticism I have of this book is that it may have slightly overstated one of its major claims and that is that the book would “…combine the latest brain research with cutting edge sales, marketing and communication techniques.”  Did it?   
a) Did the book include the latest in brain research?  It included a few studies and references from researchers like Mehrabian, Damasio, Le Doux and Cialdini (who’s name was not included the bibliography page).  If you’re NEW to the science of influence and persuasion, this material will be fresh.  If you’ve studied influence and persuasion you may find the information a bit basic especially when compared to other books on the market today and the latest research on consumer behavior.  
b) Were the sales techniques cutting edge? One could argue that the approach was different, but the techniques have been around for awhile.
c) Were the marketing approaches cutting edge?  Again, the use of the 4 Step Process and the marketing ads to support the premise was simple and eye-opening.
d) Were the communication techniques cutting edge?  I really liked some of the ‘presentation approaches and ideas’ the authors provided.  For example, the person who uses the whiteboard to engage his buyer.  Cutting edge?  I’ll let you decide.
Here’s the BIG question, “Victor, knowing what you know NOW, would you BUY the book again?”  Absolutely!  I picked up more than a few nuggets whose value far outweighs the cost of the book!  This book is well written, well organized and delivers a big R.O.I.!
Who should buy this book?  I would recommend it to anyone in sales who has not taken the time to understand the basics of how the mind works and how decisions are made.  If you’re in sales, want a new perspective on selling or simply want to continue your sales training, I strongly recommend this book.  
Victor Antonio, Sales Influence
“Finding the Why in (How People) Buy” 


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