Sales Influence Moment #8 – The Door-In-The-Face (DITF) Strategy


5 Responses

  1. Thank you,Victor for sharing all this lessons with us!You are the best(at least for me),you are my favorite!

  2. This also works for teenage kids and for your significant other….lol

    • Margarita, absolutely! The applications are endless. My wife uses it constantly. For example,

      Her: Hubby, can we go on a European vacation? (Bogus Request)

      Me: For the four of us that’s going to be too expensive!

      Her: Oh alright, can we at least go to Puerto Rico,’s much cheaper! (Target Request)

      Thanks Margarita for sharing :-0

  3. You are the best of the best. I watched the “The Motivator: The Business of Selling Hope” last night after I subscribed to your page here and I tell you. You are very moving and muy inspirante. Doy Gracias A dios que el te puso en el camino tambien para los latinos.

    Well Victor, Thank you for being you and for doing what you do. I have already sent am email blast to all my collegues and my daughter high school, and my kid’s college. The children of tomorrow really need you. As do the adults in this world.

    Dios te Bendiga, Take Care,

    Margarita I Cruz-Amaro

    P.S. Are you scheduled to come to anwhere in the suburbs of Chicago in the future?

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