Sales Influence Moment #1 – How I Build a Keynote Speech

By Victor Antonio, Sales Influence

This is my first video in a series I’m contemplating.  The goal is to give you the viewer a quick shot of information without the fancy stuff and fluff.  Let me know what you think?  (Note: The video is reversed; I’ll get it right next time.  But for now, just focus on the content and delivery).


2 Responses

  1. Victor,

    I like this format the best of all I’ve seen of you. Your presentation is similar to your outline……..break it down in to easily digestable chunks.

    I was fortunate to be influenced by 2 great speakers in my lifetime, Mary Margeret Kelly and Bill Hopkins. Note that I didn’t say “famous”…..I said great.

    I have been in the homebuilding business for 30 years now. I am not in New Home Sales but instead…..Construction Management. However, my job is much more about sales and motivation than people would understand.

    I look forward to hearing you in person one day.


    • Steve,

      Thanks for the feedback; I too like the short formats. And I think in your line of busy, it’s a healthy dose of sales and motivating people to get things done 🙂 Good luck in CM!


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